Local 830 – Theatrical Wardrobe – Hair/Makeup of Rhode Island (IATSE)

Local 830 first original BA of the IATSE THEATRICAL WARDROBE
Delia A Holmes– Local 830 Original BA  (Not sure who the Gentleman is but i do believe he worked in the IA with Delia)
PPAC Chandelier
PPAC Chandelier
Local 830 Officers
The Officers of Local 830 WARDROBE  AND HAIR/MAKEUP as of 2016… JEN  DOUGLAS: Head of Hair and Makeup Dept …Deborah Voccio (Standing) Business Agent….Helen Ferreria : President….Patricia Neveu: (Standing)  Vice President …..Jackie Keegan: Recording Sect……James Ferreria; Corresponding Sect/Financial Sect :    ( Mark Andrea And  Wait Albro)  are Members of Local 830  but are missing in the picture.


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